Octopus legs

Bubacamaron boiled octopus legs won’t leave you indifferent, you just need to open the bag, warm it up for 2 or 3 minutes, add some oil, salt and pepper and they will be ready to serve! You can choose the packaging: 300/500gr. bags or 3 kg master case.
Bubacamaron is especially proud of this product because you just need a bite to appreciate its Galician taste. Best pieces are chosen, no breaking or waste is allowed and they are vacuum packed on they own juices.
Advantages: you just need to open the bag and find the octopus as just cooked, without lessening or breakings. It does not need any further cooking. The packaging is functional, clean and very convenient for the consumer.

Scientific name: Octopus vulgaris

Octopuses are cephalopod and octopod molluscs. This animal presents a flexible and muscular body; they can imitate their background to remain unnoticed. They present eight extremely strong tentacles, every of them with two lines of suction pads. In their head you can find the eyes, the brain and three hearts. Octopuses measure around 5 cm. and 3 m. and weight between 900 gr. And 40 kg.


They live in profundities below 200 meters and in rocky bottoms of coastal areas near rocks and stones. This animal normally eats little crustaceous and bivalves and even some fishes and carrion. We can find them in Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.


This product can be fished during the whole year and the most common method used are fishing creels.


Preparation Boiled and frozen
Product Octopus legs (Octopus vulgaris)
Size 300-500 gr. bags
Packaging 300-500 gr bags / 3 Kg. master case aprox.
Origen Atlantic FAO 34 / Crafted fishing
Energetic value per 1gr.: Energy: 0.57 Proteins (g): 0.106 Carbohydrates (gr): 0.015 Fiber (gr):0 Lipids (g): 0.01 Saturated fatty acids (gr): 0.0023 Monosaturated fatty acids (gr): 0.0016 Polysaturates fatty acids (gr): 0.0038 Cholesterol (mg): 0 Calcium (mg): 218 Iron (mg): 1.44 Zinc (gr): 0.0168

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