This Buba product is one of the most valued in the whole world. Its smooth and polished texture and delightful taste are characteristic.

Cigalas are decapods crustaceans from brachyuran family. Their bodies are lengthened same as their heads and they have large and bony pincers. Their pale orange – pinkish colour is characteristic (with some with and red spots). Lateral thorns cover their faces and their eyes stand out for their swollen black cornea. Cigala measure between 7 and 30 cm. They are omnivorous and after fecundation the female specimens transport their eggs until summer comes when they hatch out.

Scientific name: Nephrops norvegicus


This animal lives lonely in deep, sandy and muddy profundities of 20 and 250 meters, but sometimes they reach over 500 meters. We can normally find the so called Norway lobsters or Dublin bay prawns in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and along North African coasts.


This product can be fished during the whole year through dragging techniques and rarely using fishing creels.

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Weight 1,5 kg
Product Cigala (Nephrops norvegicus)
Packaging 1,5Kg cases
Origin Northeast Atlantic
Energetic value per 100gr.: Energy: 106 Proteins (g): 20.31 Carbohydrates (gr): 0 Fiber (gr): 0 Lipids (g): 1.73 Saturated fatty acids (gr): 0.935 Cholesterol (mg): 152 Calcium (mg): 52 Iron (mg): 2.41 Zinc (gr): 3.06 Vitamin A (g): 17.85

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