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Bubacamaron king crab is one of the most famous and well valued seafood in the world. Originally from Kamchatka peninsula, they have been widespread to east and west areas of Barents Sea. Their pure and delicate flavour combines with some sweeter touches in their legs and pincers and round off their great nutritional value of proteins and low fat content of their flesh. The opportunity of appreciating and enjoying this unique and authentic taste is such a huge privilege for any restless food lover. These king crab legs are boiled and frozen to be imported directly from their origins.

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Scientific name: Paralithodes camchaticus

King crabs are decapod crustaceans which live in deep seas. Their shell medium size varies between 10 and 15 cm. Their body is reddish and they have ten legs, the first four legs are pincers placed near their head, right pincers are normally bigger than left ones. King crabs can get 10 kg of weight and their shell 28 cm of width. Distance between legs can reach 1.8 metres in adult specimens. This product has a very high nutritional value and it is considered as a gourmet product thanks to its wonderful and delicious flesh.


King crabs are captured in cold water seas such as Okhotsk, Bering and Barents Seas. They live in the bottom depths, over 500 metres in cold waters.


Fishing period of this product covers from September to March. Huge baskets are used for king crabs fishing because they can reach 10 kg in their adult stage. This method is extremely dangerous.

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Preparation Boiled and frozen
Product King crab (Paralithodes camchaticus)
Size 800gr to 1200gr pieces
Packaging 1Kg cases aprox.
Origin Barents Sea FAO 27
Energetic value per 100gr.: Energy: 147Kcal. Proteins: 19 gr. Carbohydrates: 0.5 gr. Fats: 1gr.

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