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Buba frozen boiled shrimp is an extra shrimp, rock, caught in the North Atlantic (cold water). When rock is a shrimp that feeds on algae and zooplankton, not damaged when caught, is selected by hand and baked in compliance with the highest standards of quality. Shrimp Buba our main objective is to get the best frozen with perfect steam cooking and deep-sea tunnel to be consumed by the end customer.

This product is a brachyuran and decapod crustacean. His body is elongated, like his head, and has long and thorny tweezers. It is characterized by its pale pink orange (with white spots and red accents). Her face is covered by lateral spines and eyes are black and very swollen cornea. They usually measure about 7 to 30cm. They are omnivores, and after fertilization females carrying eggs up to summer, which is the time of year when they hatch.

The prestigious cooked lobster Bubba comes directly from the Canadian Atlantic coast. It is characterized by its quality and its intense flavor flavorful meat. & Nbsp; The Buba lobster is one of the most gastronomically prized shellfish.

From the North Atlantic is an exceptional product that stands & nbsp; for its intense flavor and a delicate mouthfeel & nbsp;. The presented in two formats, “half scallop shell” and “scallop meat with coral”.

Buga Real crab is one of the most famous and appreciated seafood worldwide. Originally from the Kamchatka Peninsula, it has spread to the east and west of the southern part of the Barents Sea. His pure and delicate with nuances sweeter flavor legs and claws. Its meat is a good source of protein and coupled with its low fat content gives great nutritional value.

Having the opportunity to appreciate the unique and authentic flavor of this seafood is a privilege for inquisitive palates. These King Crab legs cooked and frozen imported directly from the source.

Buba octopus legs will not leave you indifferent, you just have to open the bag, add oil, salt, paprika or make your own. Appreciate their tasty flavor Galicia like a freshly cooked octopus. We choose the best pieces, without shrinkage, breakage or waste.

Buba octopus legs come in bags of 400 grams to 600 grams. Approximate, vacuum packed in its own juice (very tasty and profitable for stews and rice).

Has a stronger head queued very intense and bright red. It has a large head, always larger than the body, in which a needle is positioned. This is a very intense and appreciated flavor. Shell has a smooth texture.

The shrimp is a shrimp smaller than decapod crustacean. It has an abdomen with a higher than her head and very developed two sets of legs size. Its shell is weak and flexible and appreciate their side of a longitudinal suture. It is characterized by its white color and flavor. Usually weighs between 7 and 25 grams.



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Best quality and packaging you could find. Tasty and ready to consume.

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Your shrimps to enjoy the whole year!

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Delicious and great price, I absolutely recommend it specially to enjoy it during Christmas

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